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Toyota Yaris Tuning Guide

The Yaris is Toyotas attempt to catch the youth market. It makes a great car and had a nice high roof line. The Yaris was not intended to be a sports car but it can be turned into one with some imaginative tuning.

Now they are selling on the used market for reasonable prices a lot of people especially younger generation are snapping them up and looking to apply tuning and styling mods to them.

Don't even bother trying to tune the 1.0 and diesel engines. These are never going to give much of a potential power gain.

So onto our latest Yaris tuning tips:-
The 1.3 engines do not offer much at all. A few mods will help make the engine feel more lively. Get a fast road cam and intake and then get an aftermarket ECU to control the fuelling and you have a reasonable warm hatch.

The engine that car tuning tips recommends is the 1.5 model Equipment and suspension on this model is tweaked already but that is not stopping you from taking it further.

A supercharger kit will really alter the whole character of the car and we have seen a few supercharger kits around.

Few people will want to go this mad on their Yaris Tuning project so instead opt for some engine mods like Fast road cams, air intake and sports exhaust & port matching and there is no reason you can't start to enjoy your Yaris on country roads.

What other modifications?
At car tuning tips we would suggest you get a Brake upgrade . You may find that brakes from the Celica and Corolla will be suitable and cost a lot less than a full aftermarket big brake conversion kit.

Before we detail your best tuning upgrade options as stages of tune, let's list the most effective tuning upgrades for you.

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  1. Tunes & remaps - remapping, piggyback ECU's and aftermarket ECU's can all make decent gains
  2. Fuelling (injectors & pump) - when you've increased power you'll need to match this with more fuel
  3. Turbo upgrades - Improving the intake with a large turbo and better flowing intercooler will be the biggest power gain you'll see (but one of the most complex).
  4. Suspension Upgrades - always improve your cars handling
  5. Brake Upgrades - Even before adding power improve those brakes
  6. Intake - make sure your cars intake isn't restricted, use performance filters and intake upgrades to improve this
  7. Exhaust - as with 3 ensure there is not restriction in the exhaust, cats are the usual bottleneck

This video guide to tuning cars is a great starting point to work from in your project.

Stage 1 mods: 

Suspension upgrade (drop 30mm - 41 mm.), Lighter flywheel, Sports exhaust, Alloy wheels, Panel air filter, Remap.

Stage 2 mods: 

Fast road cam, Power/Sport clutch, fuel pump upgrades, high flow fuel injector, Ported and polished head.

Stage 3 mods: 

Engine balancing, Sports gearbox, Competition cam, Internal engine upgrades (pistons/head/valves), Adding or upgrading forced induction (turbo/supercharger).

Handling mods are also worth considering for your Yaris, we would recommend that you get fully adjustable suspension kits so you can set this up to suit your driving style.

You really do get what you pay for so don't be tempted to go for a cheap suspension kit. If you want to lower the car then stick with a drop of 35mm or a little more if you have the diesel. You will find that the sporty 1.5 models have a bit of a drop already.

Further reading.
We suggest that if you want a bit more information on Yaris Tuning you consult the following sources. TorqueCars have a comprehensive  Yaris tuning article and also a very active, friendly and helpful Yaris forum.

If you have any tips to pass on please use our comments box below and we will update this article, after all we are all here to share knowledge. Please also let us know if we've missed out an engine or performance mod that you feel should be included in here.

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  1. Wael wagih says:

    do you recommend a light fly wheel for a yaris 1.3?

  2. Megan Perry says:

    I have a Toyota Yaris SR (1.8) I’ve put Tein Coilovers on it, a k & n induction kit, and a customised exhaust, what else Can I do to it? X

  3. Paul says:

    Yaris D4D engines are the most easily tuneable because they can easily be remapped. Only way to get the same kind of power increase on the 1.5 petrol is to turbo or supercharge them and that costs loads compared to a remap.

  4. Wayne says:

    Whats your opinion on putting throttles on the 1.3 yaris