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  • Alloy wheels

    Whilst many people view the wheels as a purely cosmetic addition to a car they actually have a profound impact of the handling. We shall look at the pros and cons of fitting alloy wheels to a car.

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    Weight reduction

    Losing some weight from your car will help all aspects of performance. As there is less weight to pull around the acceleration will be quicker. Braking will also be better and general handling will improve. So what can you do to reduce the weight of your car?

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    Tips For Fitting Strut Braces

    Due to the need for doors and windows in a car the whole body is subject to flexing.  For just commuting or the daily drive around town this is not a problem.  However when driving near the limits or on the track, the flexing can seriously reduce your cornering ability. A strut brace is the solution […]

    Tips for fitting strut braces

    Sports Performance Tires

    It is surprising how much difference a tire can make to the handling of a car.  Motor sports teams select a tire for the prevailing conditions of the track so have a range of wet weather dry weather and of roads tires with various stud profiles and patterns. Normal drivers however have to opt for […]

    Sports performance tires

    Brake Upgrades And Brake Conversion Kits

    The brakes of a car should never be overlooked, especially if you have made the engine more powerful. Being able to stop the car quickly can be a real life safer. We shall take a brief look at the various components of a braking system and see what can be done to improve a cars […]

    Brake upgrades and brake conversion kits

    Performance Brake Pads

    Brake pads are the essential items when it comes to stopping your car. Their function is even more vital than that of the disks as it is the pad that creates the friction and the disks main job is to dissipate the heat generated. Uprated pads will make a big difference to a cars stopping […]

    Performance Brake Pads

    Roll Cages

    Roll cages are considered a safety requirement on most circuits. Although the safety benefits are obvious they also help to improve the handling of the car. The basic shape of a car, particularly its requirement to have opening doors decreases the rigidity of the body. Add to this some serious weight reduction and you are […]

    Roll Cages

    Suspension Kits

    The biggest impact on a cars handling performance is the suspension. The main parts of a suspension package are a spring and a damper (sometimes called a shock absorber although this really describes the whole thing.)

    Suspension kits