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  • Performance clutch tips

    The clutch is responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine from the drivetrain.  The clutch comprises of a spring mechanism, and a friction surface.  When the two friction surfaces are engaged the power from the engine is transmitted through the transmission to the wheels.

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    Slip Differentials

    As the car turns on a radius the outside wheel has a greater distance to travel compared with the inner wheel. If both wheels rotated at the same rate the car would skid or at the very least you would lose traction and continue on a straight line. The diff or differential is the component […]

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    Quick Shift Gear Kits

    A fast gear change is an essential in any form of competitive driving. One of the easiest modifications to allow you to achieve this is a quick shift gear change kit. We look at what a quick shift gear kit does and how it will help to improve your car.

    Quick shift gear kits

    Carbon Fibre Driveshafts

    The driveshaft takes the power from the engine and takes this to the rear diff where it is transferred to the wheels. The driveshaft rotates at a fair rate and will to some extent act like a flywheel, resisting change in the rotational speed. A carbon fibre driveshaft has the following benefits.

    Carbon fibre driveshafts