Car modification guide and tuning tips


"Car tuning tips" is a new site dedicated to the car enthusiast. We do not subscribe to the bolt it on and if it makes more noise it must go faster philosphy.

We are somewhat dismayed at the claims made about the performance gains of many aftermarket performance parts. The aim of the Car Tuning Tips website is to inform and educate. We outline sensible performance modifications and help enthusiasts to get the best out of their cars.

Tuning is subjective and we all have our preferences and personal requirements and expectations. By reading our guides and articles you will be in a better position to decide which modifications are right for you. We will also clearly detail the downsides or hidden costs of performance modifications as we go along.

There are also mods that do not work very well together or mods that require other parts to be fitted before you can see any real performance gains. We hope to cut through the snake oils and false claims and detail a common sense tried and tested approach to car tuning.

If you are into Styling and cosmetic modifications we suggest you check out our sister site CarStylingTips which is a photoblog of the most popular styling modifications we've found as we have gone around car shows, meets and cruises. We wanted to leave this site for the serious performance enthusiasts and create a separate site for those interested in teh visual side of car modification.

Please explore the menu options and increase your knowledge of car modifications and you can avoid making those common mistakes we hear about so often in the TorqueCars car tuning forums. Learn by the mistakes of others is the key when it comes to car modification.