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  • Gas flowing a head

    Gas flowing a head Many things go on in the head of an engine. Primarily the air coming into the engine flows through the head and into the cylinder via an open inlet valve. The air moving into an engine is travelling at high speed and any turbulence caused can substantially alter the flow of […]

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    Performance sport exhausts

    Engines need to get rid of the exhaust fumes created by the combustion process in the same way that we need to breathe out when our bodies have consumed the oxygen in our lungs. If our nostrils were blocked up we would and we had a narrow straw to breathe through we would be comfortable, unless […]

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    Fast Road Cams Sports Camshafts

    What is the camshaft, what does it do and how can it be modified. The camshaft is located at the top of an engine. Is is a long shaft with a series of lobes along it and it rotates relative to engine speed. The lobes push close the valves in the head and allow the […]

    Fast road cams (Sports camshafts)

    Sports Exhaust Silencers

    The basic job of a silencer in an exhaust is to dissipate the sound waves coming from the engine. In the UK and America where early cars had poor silencers we have a culture that associates noise with power. In Japan where engines were introduced with silencers the accepted exhaust note is very quiet and […]

    Sports exhaust silencers

    Ceramic Exhaust Coatings

    Ceramic exhaust coatings are gaining popularity with performance car tuners. We will take a look at why so many people are getting ceramic coatings applied to their exhausts. In very general terms cooler air means greater potential engine power. We can assert this because it follows that the cooler the under bonnet temperature is the cooler the air […]

    Ceramic exhaust coatings

    Intake Valve Tips

    The job of the intake valves is to control the flow of air and fuel into the engine, and then released exhaust gases after combustion.  The intake valves have quite a hard life due to the rapid opening and closing, and have a big impact on the performance of the engine. 

    Intake Valve tips

    The Benefits Of Exhaust Wraps

    As all regular Car Tuning Tips readers know, hot air carries less oxygen than cold air. This can have a big impact on your engines performance. As most cars have an air intake in the engine bay it becomes essential to ensure that you keep these temperatures as low as possible. One of the largest contributors to heat in […]

    The Benefits of exhaust wraps

    Sports Cats Vs De Cat Pipe

    Should you go with a decat, or sports cat? The catalyst (also referred to as a pollution or smog control) resides inside the exhaust. Its job is to create cleaner emissions by causing a reaction which reduces the CO2 and NO2 in the exhaust. Because they are constructed of a matrix they impede the flow […]

    Sports Cats vs de-cat pipe