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  • Choosing the correct grade of oil for your car.

    Which is the correct grade of oil for my car? We look at the basics to help you decide which SAE and type of oil is suitable for your engine and discuss synthetics, mineral and semi synthetic oils.

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    Petrol, octane and additive tips

    There is an ever increasing array of fuel on offer. With the addition of a whole plethora of additives the motorist can be left wondering what is the best for his car. Which octane is best and should you use additives? Are all brands of fuel the same?

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    Engine Oil Change Schedules For Performance Cars

    You spent a lot of time and effort tuning and enhancing the performance of your car. You want to keep the car in peak condition and dread a visit from Mr Breakdown! How important is a maintenance schedule for your tuned car? We shall look at the importance of oil changes in this first of […]

    Engine oil change schedules for performance cars.

    How To Do An Oil Change

    An oil change is one of the best maintenance tasks you can perform. Regular changes of oil will prolong the life of your engine and reduce expensive maintenance on moving parts. Garages will charge for this service and it is a simple job you can do yourself. We also note that many garages (3 in 5 […]

    How to do an oil change

    Mpg Calculator

    We have had quite a few requests for an MPG calculator and we found this one which works out not only your MPG but your annual fuel cost and your Cost per mile based on the price you enter. To use it just brim your tank, and when you fill up again note the litres […]

    MPG calculator