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We have had quite a few requests for an MPG calculator and we found this one which works out not only your MPG but your annual fuel cost and your Cost per mile based on the price you enter.

To use it just brim your tank, and when you fill up again note the litres you fill up with and the miles covered. The hard part for most people without a trip computer in their car is converting miles per litre to miles per gallon but this MPG calculator does it all for you.

TorqueCars supplied this very handy MPG calculator for us.

You can alter your annual mileage to get a true cost of the fuel you will use. Be warned though because it does add up to quite a lot. Here in the UK we are charged over 70% of the fuel prices in tax!

Now what can you do to cut down your fuel usage and save money? Driving less is a good way and by altering the mileage in the calculator above you can fairly easily work out what you'd save.

Combining your journeys not only means you cover less distance you are also running on a warm engine. This can really make a difference as a cold engine is using between 20% and 40% more fuel during it's warm up cycle and the cold running does cause accumulated damage to your engine.

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Work out your MPG on each fill up and if you notice your MPG is dipping then chances are your tyre pressures are too low or your oil needs topping up. Both of these issues can rob you of up to 4mpg.

When you buy a new car it is helpful to know the running costs and the cost per mile calculated is helpful. A lot of couriers really appreciate this as fuel is becomming thier main outlay after depreciation and lots of companies who didn't watch this went to the wall.

Not all in car trip computers are accurate so you won't fail to get an accurate result that takes into account the actual amount of fuel used. The more miles you cover the more accurate your MPG figure will be.

MPG calculators are one of the hottest trends to use in the motorists armory in combatting rising costs. Keep a close eye on your mpg. Driving style has a lot to do with it and we bet that most motorists driving style is wasting them about 20% of thier fuel and this equates to around £200 per year.

Don't use your air con unless you have to. Inflate tyres to the correct pressure and keep the oil topped up. Good maintainance of your car will generally mean you get a lot more out of each tank of fuel.

Also try superunleaded. We were skeptical but when we did we noticed the annual fuel cost was slightly lower because of the extra miles you get on every tank. Modern engines with fuel injection and especially turbocharged cars seem to benefit the most.

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