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  • RB26DETT Engine Tuning

    RB26 performance tuning Guide “RB26DETT and N1 Tuning” The production of RB26 engines took place from 1989 to 2002 and was shaped as a precise fit for the GTR R32. It gained a solid reputation among today’s tuners because of the high quality components used, it’s free revving attributes, and overall solidity. Due to the […]

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    Subaru Impreza Tuning

    The Impreza has established itself as a fun performance car and is loved by tuners the world over. Following the success of the Impreza in Rally (winning the WRC 1995-1997, and drivers championship wins in 2001 and 2003) the car has undergone revision after revision creating the performance car we have today. The distinctive boxer engine […]

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    Toyota Supra Tuning

    The Toyota Supra is to date the fastest production car produced by Toyota. The R&D boys were told to come up with an interesting car and this they certainly did. It was originally intended to have a power figure in the order of 600bhp, but Toyota bosses demanded that some sense be applied and the […]

    Toyota Supra Tuning

    Nissan 370z Tuning

    The 370z was produced when Nissan revisited the successful design of the 350z and looked for improvements that could be made to it. It now sports more power, better handling and even blips the throttle for you on down shifts. We have to hand it to Nissan, they have produced a cracking car and we […]

    Nissan 370z Tuning

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Tuning

    The EVO was little more than an excuse to built a road legal rally car. Every generation of the EVO is better than the previous one. It took the principles of a conventional performance car and blended these with cutting edge electronics. The electronics handle more that just the engine with one of the most […]

    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Tuning

    Avensis Tuning

    The Toyota Avensis is sold as a comfortable family/executive car. They have been quite popular due to the high level of equipment supplied and their legendary reliability. The Avensis was introduced when production of the Carina stopped back in 1997. This does present an opportunity to the tuner and the humble Avensis can be turned […]

    Avensis Tuning

    Vauxhall Corsa Tuning

    The Corsa replaced the Nova in the UK where Vauxhall brought their model names into line with GM and Opel. The car is popular and sold millions of units and it is also popular with younger drivers due to the relatively low insurance costs. The Sporty SXI and recent VXR models show what can be […]

    Vauxhall Corsa Tuning

    Alfa Romeo 159 Tuning

    The Alfa Romeo 159 is a pretty impressive car in standard form. Alfa certainly know how to set a car up for good handling and the range of engines on offer give decent levels of performance. Ideally you should start with the 2.2 or the lovely 3.2 engine as these give the most gains for […]

    Alfa Romeo 159 Tuning

    Mercedes B Class Tuning

    As cars get older they start to get snapped up by enthusiasts looking for more power. The B Class Mercedes is a very popular option for the tuner and offers a wide range of engine options to choose from. It's compact dimensions allow the car to excel on the track and it has a lot […]

    Mercedes B class Tuning

    Mercedes C Class Tuning

    Mercedes replaced the successful 190 range with the C class (W201 series). They have an excellent chassis and this has been used as the base for a number of the high performance Mercedes sports models. There was highly tuned AMG version of the C Class Mercedes and this has a stunning selection of tuned 24 […]

    Mercedes C Class Tuning

    Porsche 911 Tuning

    The stunning Porsche 911 has set the benchmark for years in sports car design. Porsche have produced a fun to drive and reliable sports car that is easy to maintain. If you are buying a 911 for the first time you need to take some time familiarising yourself with the characteristics of the car.  We […]

    Porsche 911 Tuning

    Audi A6 Tuning

    The A6 replaced the Audi 100 and takes on other large executive saloon cars from Mercedes and BMW. Despite it’s size and dimensions the A6 is very easy to drive, with the Quattro drive system fitted even more so. The first time you get into an A6 you feel like you are in something special […]

    Audi A6 Tuning

    Audi A5 Tuning

    The A5 was a radically designed coupe from Audi released in 2007 and has very pleasing lines. The last coupe made by Audi was back in the mid 1990’s with the Audi 80.  The lack of a coupe left a big gap in Audi’s line up and thankfully one that has now been filled. We […]

    Audi A5 Tuning

    Nissan 350z Tuning

    Nissan have not had a performance Z car for a fair few years, which is a real shame as they were pretty impressive performance wise by even today standards. The 350z was released to a loud fan fare and much praise. At last Nissan have captured the Z magic of the originals and packaged it up with […]

    Nissan 350Z Tuning

    Vw Beetle Tuning

    The original Beetle was a stunning and innovative design that won the hearts and minds of a whole generation. The Beetle was remade and relaunched in 1994, the new design captured the essence of the original but to fans of the original there could never be another Beetle. The major difference between the modern and […]

    Vw Beetle Tuning

    Audi A4 Tuning

    The Audi A4 has had a long and successful production run, taking over from the Audi 80 and is actually very nicely put together. The car handles well and is offered with a wide range of engines which are just begging to be tuned up. Because the car shares many parts from other VAG group cars A4 […]

    Audi A4 Tuning

    Fiat 500 Tuning

    The Fiat 500 is one of the best cars we have seen from Fiat in a long while. It already has a cult status due in part to it’s fuel sipping engines and chic looks. It cashes in on the Original 500 which sold upto the mid 1970’s. It is a very popular City car and […]

    Vw Bora Tuning

    The Bora is based on the Golf but instead of a hatchback it has a boot. It falls nicely into the VW lineup just below the Passat. Because it shares many parts with the Golf there is a wide selection of tuning options around for it and many Golf mods will happily work in your […]

    Vw Lupo Tuning

    As the Polo improved and got bigger VW saw a need to develop a new small car. The Lupo was born and became VW’s city car. The Lupo has a great range of engines and a very good chassis making it ideal for a tuning project. It only had a short 6 year lifespan but […]

    Vw Passat Tuning

    The VW Passat was based on the very successful floorplan from the A4. Originally intended to be an executive saloon it makes a great family car to people who are interested in driving. The chassis and handling are superb and a car of this size handles like a much smaller car would. Because it comes […]