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  • Fiat 500 Tuning

    The Fiat 500 is one of the best cars we have seen from Fiat in a long while. It already has a cult status due in part to it’s fuel sipping engines and chic looks. It cashes in on the Original 500 which sold upto the mid 1970’s. It is a very popular City car and […]

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    VW Bora Tuning

    The Bora is based on the Golf but instead of a hatchback it has a boot. It falls nicely into the VW lineup just below the Passat. Because it shares many parts with the Golf there is a wide selection of tuning options around for it and many Golf mods will happily work in your […]

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    Vw Lupo Tuning

    As the Polo improved and got bigger VW saw a need to develop a new small car. The Lupo was born and became VW’s city car. The Lupo has a great range of engines and a very good chassis making it ideal for a tuning project. It only had a short 6 year lifespan but […]

    VW Lupo Tuning

    Vw Passat Tuning

    The VW Passat was based on the very successful floorplan from the A4. Originally intended to be an executive saloon it makes a great family car to people who are interested in driving. The chassis and handling are superb and a car of this size handles like a much smaller car would. Because it comes […]

    VW Passat Tuning

    Vw Polo Tuning

    VW’s small family car was the Polo. It has had a long production run and shares many features with its bigger brother the Golf. As it is much smaller and lighter than the Golf the Polo makes a good tuning project and becomes a credible track day fun car with the right modifications. Probably because […]

    VW Polo Tuning

    Honda S2000 Tuning

    The S2000 was the fun sports car produced by Honda and really shows what can be done when a car company puts their minds to it. Production of the S2000 sadly stopped in 2009 but we are eagerly awaiting the release of the Mk2 or S3000. The S2000 2.0 NASP engine has literally be tuned […]

    Honda S2000 Tuning

    Toyota Celica Tuning

    The Toyota Celica was a sporty car and the best that Toyota could offer after the stunning supra. The Best model to have from a tuning point of view is without a doubt the 2.0 Turbo Carlos Saints version with a 4 wheel drive system. This has lots of power and great handling. All Celicas […]

    Toyota Celica Tuning

    Toyota Corolla Tuning

    The corolla holds the caveat as the most popular car ever made. I owned one for a while and I have to confess it was a bit boring to drive. (It was actually a pre facelift 1997  model with the 1.3 engine.) Having driven most of the range the 1.6 is the best proposition for tuning […]

    Toyota Corolla Tuning

    Audi A3 Tuning

    It took Audi a while to see the need for a Golf rival and it half heartedly produced the A3. The early models were only available as 3 door versions and rear leg room is cramped. In 2000 a 5 door model was added and the Mk2 A3 addressed the problem of cramped rear leg […]

    Audi A3 Tuning

    Honda Civic Tuning

    The Honda Civic is probably one of the best supported cars from the aftermarket car parts tuning scene. Having been around for so long it is very well developed and due to this it has legendary reliability and the Civic engines are strong and have a lot to give the potential Civic tuner. There are also […]

    Honda Civic Tuning

    Toyota Yaris Tuning

    The Yaris is Toyotas attempt to catch the youth market. It makes a great car and had a nice high roof line. The Yaris was not intended to be a sports car but it can be turned into one with some imaginative tuning. Now they are selling on the used market for reasonable prices a […]

    Toyota Yaris Tuning

    Vw Golf Tuning

    The VW Golf was the original hot hatch. It has now had a number of revisions and the latest puts it fairly and squarely into the realms of a fun hot hatch again. It is one of the most popular models of car around and there is a thriving aftermarket parts supply with a full […]

    VW Golf tuning