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  • Weight reduction

    Losing some weight from your car will help all aspects of performance. As there is less weight to pull around the acceleration will be quicker. Braking will also be better and general handling will improve. So what can you do to reduce the weight of your car?

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    Aerofoils, wings and spoilers

    What is an aerofoil and spoiler and what does it do? Well, an airplane wing pushes the plane up by using the Coinda effect and the Bernoulli paradox. Air keeps travelling in the same direction after deflection, fast moving air creates low pressure. When the air over the wing is going faster than that underneath […]

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    Cold Air Vents And Cai Kits

    You may have noticed that your car feels much more powerful on cold mornings than it does in the middle of summer.  This is due to the effects of air temperature.  It is a simple fact that cold air carriers are more oxygen and warmer air. An intake vent will help to address this problem, and […]

    Cold air vents and CAI kits

    Roll Cages

    Roll cages are considered a safety requirement on most circuits. Although the safety benefits are obvious they also help to improve the handling of the car. The basic shape of a car, particularly its requirement to have opening doors decreases the rigidity of the body. Add to this some serious weight reduction and you are […]

    Roll Cages