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Roll cages are considered a safety requirement on most circuits. Although the safety benefits are obvious they also help to improve the handling of the car.

The basic shape of a car, particularly its requirement to have opening doors decreases the rigidity of the body. Add to this some serious weight reduction and you are left with a shell that will flex and roll every time you go into a corner.

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A roll cage is welded into the inside of a car and it provides much greater rigidity with improvements in body roll reduction across all axes.

There are 4 or 6 point roll cages with each point being attached to the cars chassis.

You will need to bear in mind that having metal tubes inside the car will reduce the amount of space and you can have some nasty impacts with it. The solution to this is to add some cushioned wrapping to the roll cage frame in the vicinity of the drivers head and limbs.

Rear passenger space is also compromised although if you have harnesses fitted you will already have decided against having rear passenger seats. 

You will also need to take into account the fact that roll cages will inhibit access to the car if cross members go past the doorways.

A roll cage is best fitted with the car stripped out completely rather than trying to weld and cut around carpets and plastic trim.

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One Response to “Roll Cages”

  1. Mark says:

    Totally agree with the above statement… I have a roll cage fitted to my mk1 Clio and I’ve had quite a few bad experience’s with it. Firstly being banging my head/Arm/Leg off the cage. Dont get me wrong putting protective foam over the cage does work but wont protect you entirely.

    In my opinion.. Roll Cages look nice.. Improve Handling and give you just that little bit more confidence to take the corner abit harder and faster.