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  • How to service a car

    You can save a great deal of money by servicing a car and looking after it yourself. Most cars follow a similar set of rules when it comes to service items and once you’ve serviced your first car you’ll find it quite easy to do another car. It’s worth noting that schedules on high performance […]

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    Hidden cost of Tuning cars

    The aims of car tuning depend largely on the owner of the car concerned. We need to find the hidden cost of a modification and weigh this up. This is the aim of any good car tuning guide, and we follow real world car tuning experience and write this up in an accessible manner.

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    Car Tuning Stages

    You will often see modifications available in stages. Typically manufacturers of performance parts and car tuning companies use stages 1 – 3 to denote the state of tune provided. So what does a tuning stage mean and what are the differences between a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 tune up. There is a […]

    Car tuning stages

    Welcome To Car Tuning Tips

    This is a project I have been planning to get around to for ages. Tuning is a big hobby of mine and I learnt a few lessons the expensive way! Here are 5 important lessons for people undertaking a tuning project.

    Welcome to Car Tuning Tips

    Modified Car Insurance

    We refer you to most insurance policies, particularly in the UK  which state that all modifications to the car should be notified. Failure to do so will result in the policy being declared void and invalid. This in turn renders you liable to prosecution for driving without insurance and personally liable for damages and injuries […]

    Modified car insurance