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As cars get older they start to get snapped up by enthusiasts looking for more power.

The B Class Mercedes is a very popular option for the tuner and offers a wide range of engine options to choose from.

It's compact dimensions allow the car to excel on the track and it has a lot of potential. We are also seeing more and more performance parts offered for the B Class Mercedes ranging from the popular induction kits and sports exhaust to fast road profile cams.

From a tuning point of view you should really start off with the 2.0 inline 4 turbo unit as this is rather under stressed and detuned at just 200hp. A six speed gearbox allows quicker acceleration and greater top end economy.tcmenu

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If you have the B200 turbo then your top mod on the to do list has to be a remap, aftermarket boost controller, uprated turbo and custom exhaust headers.

A remap will also remove the speed limiter allowing you to exploit the top end on the track. These mods will give a very tidy power hike. Most B200 turbo owners go with a simple remap as this has a dramatic effect on performance without compromising reliability.

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When tuning the engine you really need to get the engine breathing right to start with. A good quality sports exhaust with sports catalyst will be most B class owners first port of call.

We at car tuning tips wouldn't worry about adding an induction kit but a panel air filter will free up top end power without the problems associated with sucking in warm engine bay air.  Fast road cams A fast road camshaft and some head work will help raise the power on most B class engines.

It always helps to get the air intake modifications sorted early on in your B Class tuning project as a free breathing engine is at the heart of your cars tuning project, and a sports exhaust will not only give a sporty sound to the engine but when combined with a sports catalyst will give you a bit more power.

Finally doing some port matching  and head work such as  porting and gas flowing the  head and you will see greater torque throughout the power band. Add in a 3 angle valve job will further increase the potential power of your B Class engine.

Induction kits offer a great sound but frankly do not do much for improving your B Class power figures unless you manage to solve the issue of it needing a cold air feed pipe.

The turbo diesel engines will benefit from a remap and can be pushed to around 150 to 180hp, enough to keep up with most of the petrol engines. This is primarily down to the flat and wide torque band. It is one thing making a car go faster, and few people focus on braking and handling, all essential elements on a performance tuned car.

Look to larger models from Mercedes such as the turbo model or see what other upgrade options in the AMG range would be suitable. There are also a number of aftermarket car part specialists around which offer big brake conversion kits for your B class including slotted, vented and drilled disks.

A set of decent fast road brake pads will also make a big difference.

Have a look for a good tuning forum, we would recommend TorqueCars for starters where newbies are very welcome and you will quickly pick up all you need to know about car tuning.

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