Quick shift or short shift gear kits

Everything You Need To Know About "Quick shift gear kits"

A fast gear change is an essential in any form of competitive driving.

One of the easiest modifications to allow you to achieve this is a quick shift gear change kit.

We look at what a quick shift gear kit does and how it will help to improve your car.

A gear stick is pretty much just a simple lever.

As you move the gear stick the gear selectors in the gearbox move as your motion is translated via a set of levers and rods.

A short shifter or quick shift gearstick essentially alters the throw distance between gear changes by changing the angle/pivot of the lever. They are typically shorter than a conventional stick and can reduce the amount you have to move it by around 40%.

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This makes for a much more positive gear change action with each gear slicking into place in a shorter time. With practice the racing gearchange becomes second nature.

Every twisty road that requires frequent gear changes will just melt away and you will greatly enhance your driving pleasure.

Most quick shift kits come with full fitting instructions and various, washers, lubricant and bushes.

Essentially you just remove your gear gaiter, release the old stick mechanism and insert the new shifter and refit. Some cars will need to be jacked up to make the job easier and gives access to the gearbox and underneath more easily.

The downside that comes with a quick shift is that it requires a little more effort to change gear but most drivers will not notice this. If you have a sloppy worn gearbox you may notice that because gearchanges happen more quickly it is a little more crunchy.

After you fit a quick shift gear stick you will not want to go back to a conventional one again.

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    Is there a short shift for the Rover 25 1.4 hatchback?

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    is there a short shifter kit for an opel kadett F20