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Tuning guide "Uprated Fuelling"

Uprated Fuelling Guide

One thing a performance tuner needs to take into account is the importance of the air to fuel mixture. If this is too lean or too rich the engine power will be reduced and this also impacts upon the reliability of the engine. The more power you are extracting from an engine the greater is requirement for the air/fuel mixture.

The main fuel pumps are usually sufficient to cope with most off the shelf tuning modifications. However when turbos, superchargers or extensive engine work has been carried out there is a need to increase the output of the fuel pump. It is not unusual in the motorsport world to see multiple fuel pumps installed.

Having a couple of fuel pumps can also help with starvation in low tank conditions as each will typically have its own fuel pickup. The injectors will also need uprating as these deliver a measured amount of fuel and are sold in sizes. Often times adding a set of injectors from a larger engined model of your car will have the desired result.

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It is the injectors which deliver the fuel to the air charge, in direct injection engines these operate at extremely high pressures and extreme caution should be exercised when maintaining and installing them.

In a standard fuel injection engine the fuel mixes with the air in the intake manifold as it enters the combustion chamber so see our articles on air intake to fine tune this part of your engine.  Another critical component in fuelling is the fuel pressure regulator. This maintains a set pressure in the fuel lines. The engine also has to return excess fuel to the tank via a return feed if the pressure is too great.

Factory fit fuel pressure regulators can be unreliable and almost any aftermarket fuel pressure regulator valve with react faster to changes in the throttle position. So although your power will not increase with an uprated fuel pressure regulator the power will arrive more quickly and the car will be a much snappier drive. Remember though that increasing the fuel line pressure will increase the stress the fuel line is under and will show up any weaknesses there may be. Blocked fuel filters are a major cause of lost power and should always be one of the first things you look at if you are suffering from fuel starvation or bad starting conditions.

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