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It is surprising how much difference a tire can make to the handling of a car.  Motor sports teams select a tire for the prevailing conditions of the track so have a range of wet weather dry weather and of roads tires with various stud profiles and patterns. Normal drivers however have to opt for an all round tire with suitable dry and wet weather characteristics to last a whole year.

The range of tyres available can often presents a problem when choosing tyres, and often expensive tyres are not always better than their cheaper counterparts.  You need to take into account the specification from your original manufacturer's handbook.  Tyres have a speed rating which should not be ignored. 

You may reason that if a tire is rated to 140 miles an hour, as you will not be going this fast you can safely select a tire which is rated for 100 miles per hour.  In reality this is false reasoning as speed is only part of the equation, your cars Torque exerts a great deal of pressure on the tire and you require a stronger tire or risk shredding the tire under full load.

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Any damage to the wall of the tire can result in a serious blow out at speed, whether time is subject to additional heat and stresses.  Performance tires tend to have a greater rubber surface and are made of a softer compound to give more grip.

The V Groove pattern whether trading is a series of V shaped grooves give a very good cornering characteristics and excellent wet weather handling.  Tyres with a wide unbroken tread band are primarily designed for greater straight line stability.  Most tyres are a combination of tread patterns to give the best compromise in different conditions. Some manufacturers specify a very specific tire Brands and model, and unless you have dramatically altered the performance of your car these are the best to go with as they have been extensively tested.

It is possible to fit slightly wider tyres on your standard rim.  You can also select a lower profile but these adaptations must be done to each of your wheels and you may require a speedo recalibration. Low profile tyres give a better handling, more grip but are less comfortable ride and a lot more road noise. Choosing a larger wheel in combination with a low profile tire will help to maintain the overall rotational diameter and avoid major suspension alignment work.

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  1. ian kirk says:

    I am trying to sourse some federal 595 rs-R tyres 235/45/17 . any ideas

    best regards Ian kirk

  2. skoty says:

    i had yokohama paradas on my williams clio and they were amazing.
    would recommend them for all light hatches.