Advantages of fitting a progressive boost controller

Discover "Progressive boost controllers vs standard ones."

A boost controller will increase the amount of power you get from your turbo.

The boost controller will alter the exhaust gases flow into the turbo allowing the turbo to spin at a faster rate.

Standard boost control in most production cars can only be described as crude. In order to keep costs down many manufacturers stick with an archaic mechanical system of boost control.

Whenever a manufacturer cuts corners you are given a prime opportunity of unleashing the full potential of your car.

Advantages of progressive boost controllers

Intelligent boost controllers alter the amount of boost depending on preset levels. This is usually related to the RPM you are running at and a program will follow a preset power curve giving a more progressive boost. In some situations the power comes on so soon that you lose traction and a boost controller will enable you to feed the boost more progressively, allowing  faster launch time.

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Typically you will select a level of boost from inside the car using a button or dial. Simple boost controllers have a valve fitted inside the engine bay which can easily be adjusted but will obviously require the car to be stationary.

Limit to the preset fueling parameters - if you exceed this the engine will assume there is a fault and switch to limp home mode. In this condition the engine will run lean and you could find yourself with a sudden loss of power.

The factory setting will use the lambda and MAF sensors to control the fueling so if these are weak or faulty your car will be unable to tolerate higher levels of boost.

Benefits - it is very easy to remove a boost controller if you wanted to sell your car. They are also very cheap compared with a remap.

The best combination of power gains come from a boost controller and a custom remap, this unleashes the full potential and gives more progressive and controllable boost.

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