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NASP engines and tuning options. Guide

When deciding on a power train which should you go for? Both have merits. The answer really depends on driver style and preference but I will admit to being a little biased towards turbos. Here is my take on NASP Engines.

"NASP Engines (Naturally Aspirated)"

These engines suck in the air they need filling the vacuum created as the piston moves down the cylinder. Large naturally aspirated engines and high compression engines produce a lot of power. The power delivery is instantaneous and the torque curve will gradually build as the engine revs increases.

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The benefits are the steady stream of power and lazy delivery across the rev range. There are plenty of tuning options open to you but you are best to focus on CAMS and getting the head flowed and ported. While you are working on the head a 3 angle valve job does wonders for engine intake and will at the same time improve the economy of the engine (in most cases).

An induction kit with a suitable cold air feed or prefereably a sports panel air filter and full stainless steel sports exhaust with a sports catalyst will also help to free up the power particularly at higher rev ranges.

Balancing, blueprinting and a lighter flywheel will free up a fair bit of power allowing you to exploit a higher RPM redline limit. Increasing the compression ratio is also a good way of extracting more power from a NASP engine.

After you have finished on your internal modifications you should get the engine remapped, typically the timing will be slightly advanced allowing for more power and greater efficiency. An ECU remap will also control the fuelling allowing you to fine tune the engine under WOT full load and partial load conditions.

Fuelling may also be uprated for bigger power gains but it is generally harder to tune a NASP engine than a Turbo one as it requires a lot of internal engine work.


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